Roborovski Hamster: A Comprehensive Guide to the Smallest and Speediest Pet

25 oktober 2023
Jon Larsson


Roborovski hamsters, also known as Robos, are tiny creatures that have gained popularity as pets around the world. In this article, we will provide an in-depth overview of the Roborovski hamster, including their characteristics, types, popularity, and the various factors that differentiate them from other hamster breeds.

An Overview of Roborovski Hamsters


Roborovski hamsters, scientifically known as Phodopus roborovskii, are the smallest and fastest breed of hamsters. Originating from the deserts of Mongolia, China, and Kazakhstan, they have adapted to survive in extreme conditions. They have a distinct appearance with a short and stocky body, large eyes, and a short tail. One unique feature is their small size, usually measuring around 4-5 centimeters in length. Despite their miniature stature, they are highly energetic and agile creatures.

Comprehensive Presentation of Roborovski Hamsters

Types of Roborovski Hamsters:

There are three recognized types of Roborovski hamsters: Standard, White Face, and Husky. The Standard Robos have a golden-brown coat with a white belly, while the White Face Robos have a distinctive white face and a darker coat. The Husky Robos, on the other hand, have an agouti coat with a slightly longer coat length compared to the other types. Each type has its unique characteristics, making them appealing to different preferences.

Popularity and Demand:

Roborovski hamsters have gained popularity as pets due to their adorable appearance and small size. Their fast-paced movements and playful nature make them a delight to watch. Their low maintenance requirements, such as minimal grooming and their ability to thrive in smaller enclosures, make them an ideal choice for busy individuals or those living in apartments. Their popularity has led to an increase in breeders and availability in pet stores globally.

Quantitative Measurements of Roborovski Hamsters

Size and Weight:

Roborovski hamsters typically weigh around 25-40 grams, with males being slightly larger than females. As mentioned before, they measure around 4-5 centimeters in length, making them the smallest breed of hamsters. Their small size allows them to squeeze through small openings and navigate through various obstacles with ease.

Speed and Agility:

Roborovski hamsters are renowned for their incredible speed and agility. They can run up to 6 miles (10 kilometers) per night, covering vast distances in their enclosures. Their swift movements and quick reflexes make them challenging to catch or handle. Providing them with a large and stimulating environment is crucial to fulfill their need for exercise and mental stimulation.

Discussing Differences Among Roborovski Hamsters

Behavioral Variations:

While Roborovski hamsters share common traits, there can be variations in their behavior. Some individuals may be more social and tolerant of handling, while others may be more skittish and prefer observation from a distance. These differences can be influenced by their genetic makeup, early socialization experiences, and individual personalities.

Physical Differences:

Apart from the three recognized types of Roborovski hamsters, there can be slight physical variations among individuals. Some may have darker or lighter coats, variations in fur thickness, or varying eye colors. Additionally, it is essential to note that Roborovski hamsters have relatively long hind legs, allowing them to move with remarkable speed.

Historical Overview of Pros and Cons of Roborovski Hamsters

Advantages of Roborovski Hamsters as Pets:

1. Small size and low maintenance requirements make them suitable for individuals with limited space or time.

2. High activity levels provide entertainment and engagement for both children and adults.

3. Adorable appearance and playful nature make them endearing companions.

4. Long lifespan compared to other hamster breeds, averaging around 3-4 years.

Disadvantages of Roborovski Hamsters as Pets:

1. Their small size and speed make handling and taming more challenging, especially for young children.

2. Fragile bones can be prone to injuries if mishandled or dropped.

3. Nocturnal nature may lead to disruptive nighttime behaviors and potential sleep disturbances for their owners.

4. Limited availability in some areas may make finding a reputable breeder or suitable companion difficult.


Roborovski hamsters are captivating creatures that have captured the hearts of pet enthusiasts worldwide. Their small size, remarkable speed, and playful personalities make them a unique addition to any household. Remember to provide them with appropriate care, a suitable environment, and the love they deserve. With proper attention and dedication, your Roborovski hamster can bring joy and companionship for years to come.

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Are Roborovski hamsters suitable for small living spaces?

Yes, Roborovski hamsters are suitable for small living spaces due to their small size and low maintenance requirements. They can thrive in smaller enclosures and do not require as much space as larger hamster breeds.

Do Roborovski hamsters need a lot of exercise?

Yes, Roborovski hamsters are highly active and require plenty of exercise. They have incredible speed and can run up to 6 miles per night. Providing them with a large and stimulating environment is essential to fulfill their exercise needs.

What is a Roborovski hamster?

A Roborovski hamster, also known as a Robo, is the smallest and fastest breed of hamsters. They are tiny creatures originating from the deserts of Mongolia, China, and Kazakhstan. They have a short and stocky body, large eyes, and a short tail.

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